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ACN 605 631 963

Telephone: + 61 3 9692 7240
Facsimile: + 61 3 9077 9233

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Opal Biosciences Ltd
Level 4, 100 Albert Road
South Melbourne
Victoria 3205

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  1. Max Sauerland

    Dear Madam or Sir,
    My name is Max Sauerland and I am a German Student currently working on my master thesis in Copenhagen (Denmark). I am planning to get some insights in the life science Industry after I finish my Master theses here in August. I have decided to come to Melbourne and therefor I´m looking for a company to work for. I was wondering if you have an Internship position from September onward for some months suitable for me (my background is molecular medicine).
    I am writing specifically to you because of the importance of Infection diseases now and especially in the future. I would like to use a little of my post-Master time to get some different points of view on my talents and career options. All in all, I have over one year of pure lab experience and know most of the common methods from cell culture to the Mass-Spectrometer, hopefully that is a good base to start.
    It would be great to hear back from you if an Internship at opal is possible. There is no problem to get you some additional information about me or to skype. If you send me an email address related to recruitment I would like to send a CV and a grade transcript.
    Best wishes

    1. Post

      Hi Max, we are a small company and do not have any labs of our own but use the facilities of others. I am sorry we cannot help you. Good luck with your search.

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